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Turtleback Farm Inn

1000 Places to See Before You Die - A Traveler's Life List "Many consider Orcas the most beautiful (of the San Juan Islands), and among its many inns and bed-and-breakfasts the Turtleback Farm Inn is unique in many respects. It's a working farm set on 80 private acres of sheep- and cow-grazing meadows, woods, and duck ponds, with a green clapboard farmhouse that dates back to the late 1800s. Every night is romantic in any of its eleven elegant, uncluttered guest rooms, and every morning is special thanks to a prizewinning breakfast so memorable that it's featured regularly in food magazines, as well as in the inn's own Turtleback Cookbook."
--Patricia Schultz, 1000 Places to See Before You Die - new edition 2012

"It was in one of these old farmhouses, lovingly restored, that I found the perfect country inn.... A sense of peace and calmness enfolds me as soon as I walk through the door, and I sigh deeply, knowing I have finally found the right place." (click for full review)
--John Doerper, Pacific Epicure's Garden Pages

"My vote for the slickest inn on Orcas goes to Susan and Bill Fletcher's two-story green-and-white Turtleback Farm...a perfectly marvelous B & B."
--Jerry Hulse, Los Angeles Times travel editor

"With its forest-green clapboard and ivory trim, its well tended flower gardens, and its unpretentious sitting room with Early American furniture and Persian carpets, Turtleback exudes the old fashioned good taste of a 1940's June Allyson movie."
--Charles Michener - Travel & Leisure

"The Fletchers now devote themselves year-round to sharing with guests the tranquility, lush countryside, and homey, antiques-filled accommodations of their Orcas Island hideaway."
--Jessie Walker - Country Living Magazine

" children and I found a profound peace on a farm in the Pacific Northwest."
--Susan LaTempa - Westways Magazine

"This restored 100-year old farmhouse has got to be one of the country's most romantic inns. Consider: bedrooms with homegrown wool comforters and antiques, gourmet breakfasts, and killer views overlooking 80 acres of conifer forests, green pastures, and ponds."
--Carole Jacobs - Sunset Magazine

"Turtleback Farm Inn represents the ideal choice for those seeking an intimate lodging, the pastoral bed & breakfast veiled amid 80 acres of sheep-studded meadows, duck-graced ponds and elm-shaded cottage gardens."
--Andrew Harper - Hideaway Report

"The Fletchers have mastered the formula for successful innkeeping: personal attention, quality service, and love for the region. Walking into the spotless, cheery inn in Crow Valley, guests know they can expect a comfortable stay..."
--Alicia Ahn - NW Palate Magazine

"...the inn has earned a solid reputation as a romantic place to spend a night off Orcas Island's well-beaten path."
--From Bill Gleason's Weekends for Two in the Pacific Northwest: 50 Romantic Getaways, 1st and 2nd editions (quoted in Pacific Northwest Magazine)

"In one such valley stands the green-clapboard Turtleback Farm Inn, a tranquil...oasis renowned for its romantic atmosphere and superb breakfasts."
--Karolyn Ide - Gourmet Magazine

"Couples love emerging from the marshmallow-soft comforters to have ricotta pancakes on the cedar deck overlooking Crow Valley."
--Heidi Yorkshire - "Love American Style" - Bride's Magazine

Reservations: (800) 376-4914 (in the United States only)
or (360) 376-4914

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