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Spring Babies


Although Spring arrived a few days ago, our mild winter encouraged the daffodils to open their bright yellow blooms early.  Our new ram (with thanks to Mother Hildegard of Shaw Island) has fathered a dozen new lambs.  The first born, a multicolored curly fleeced ram, was named “Bandit” because he looks as though he has a black mask on.  We could spend all day watching these little tykes play with one another .  They chase, jump and seem to play hide and seek behind trees or in the barn.  We have also added to our flock of black Australorp chickens.   There is a handsome Rhode Island Red rooster and Wyandotte, Arausana , and a couple of Australorp.  The flock has become accustomed to their new home and are happily providing us with fresh eggs for the kitchen.

We have joined the 21st. century with a handsome new web site.  Our son, Ian, suggested we should update so we went ahead and tried to provide the best information we could to the designer; tifandgif of Friday Harbor, for this new project.  We sincerely hope all will enjoy seeing our new presence.

We had the pleasure of spending Christmas with him and his family in North Carolina. The holiday service was in a mega church with upwards of 2000 attendees.  There was a rock band, a large choir and a movie screen with show of the past year’s activities.  Quite impressive.  Our trip home was a bit of a challenge.  Because of the severe weather in the Midwest, our plane was delayed so we missed all our connections .  It took 2 days to return to the Northwest but we arrived safe and sound and were glad to have the opportunity to spend the holidays with family.

A trip to central Oregon to visit the eldest of our brood and see their beautiful newly build farmhouse.  Although Clay still telecommutes to his job in Idaho, they find time to raise two goats: Ethel and Lucy ,a flock of chickens and two rescue Treeing Walker coonhounds.  Quite a menagerie!

The Orcas Center just closed a sold-out production of “Spamalot” with an all island cast.  We are always amazed with the talent on this small Northwest island.  Guests who were able to get last minute tickets were enchanted and amused by the show. We also enjoy the Metropolitan Opera’s Hi Definition  productions .  The next will be Verdi’s La Traviata. Not only are you able to see and hear amazing music.  You are also able to go behind the scene, meet the cast and watch as the sets are being changed.

Although the winter was rainy,  this filled the ponds and encouraged our ducks to return.  Soon we hope to have some ducklings swimming around.  The pair of beautiful white trumpter swans visited for a while but have moved to a more open pond down the road.

We anticipate another pleasant season.  Guests are  always astounded by the beauty of this section of Crow Valley and the comfort of the Inn