Coho Preserve

Coho Preserve, Orcas Island (Accessible to the public)


Coho Preserve is a small yet exceptional natural area which was acquired through a grant from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board. Surrounded by towering forest, this magical 24 acre preserve is home to multiple songbirds, raptors, salmon and trout. This rich variety of habitat along Cascade Creek can be relished while hiking the rustic trail loop through the preserve.

Coho Preserve is part of the San Juan County Land Bank public land system. There is a new 3/4 mile trail that climbs alongside Cascade Creek (one of only 3 salmon streams left in the San Juans) in very nice forest (and one or two little meadows). The trail is very short but has enough uphill that it does feel like a leg stretcher, and it’s worth doing. The parking area is on the left just past Catkin Cafe and the Strawberry Barreling Plant Building/Art Gallery in Olga. Keep dogs leashed and out of the stream (keep kids out too–these are vital salmon spawning grounds).

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If you’re a wildlife lover, our farm will keep you busy and interested – raccoon, bald eagles, woodpeckers, songbirds. Head to the pond for Kingfisher, wood ducks and mallards or to the beach for orcas, otters and crabby salmon!